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5 Ways To Improve WordPress Blog’s Loading Speed


Making sure your blog works as smoothly as possible is crucial. Not only great page loading speed can score you a better SEO, it also improves overall user experience.

5 Ways To Improve WordPress Blog’s Loading Speed

  1. Get a reliable Web Host. Read more on why it’s so important here.
  2. Use a great catching plugin. Siteground already has one included in their WordPress Installations.
  3. Compress Your Images
  4. Avoid using unnecessary plugins
  5. Keep your WordPress and plugins up to date.

Hope this helps! Make sure to follow these 5 tips and your blog will be running as fast as possible!

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  1. Econ Dude 16/09/2017

    Compressing Images is the best by far. When i did that it increased the speed by a lot.

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