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Why You Should Always Keep Your WordPress Updated


I see my clients ignoring WordPress updates all the time & I always remind them how important it is to update your blog as often as possible. Here are 7 reasons why.

7 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your WordPress Updated

To Improve Features Of Your Blog
WordPress is growing & improving every day. Therefore, by updating it you also receive all of those new, modern features.

To Keep Your Blog Safe
I learned this the hard way. You must keep your WordPress and plugins updated at all times if you want to avoid hackers breaking down your blog. Go ahead & do this now. Safety is SO important.

To Avoid Errors
If you run into any error when designing or upgrading your blog- make sure all of your plugins & WordPress itself is up to date, it might just fix the error you’re dealing with.

To Achieve The Best Performance
Always keeping your blog up to date can help you achieve the best speed of your website & improve overall performance.

To Fix Bugs
Updates to WordPress & plugins often fix bugs that were discovered in previous versions.

To Improve User Experience
Most updates to WordPress make the content management system way quicker, easier and nicer to use.

To Avoid Major Disruptions In The Future
If you go years without updating your blog, you then risk experiencing major errors when you finally decide to update it. Make sure to run updates on your blog as often as possible in order to keep your blog running smoothly at all times.

Let me know if this changed your mind at all!


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