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Black Friday 2018 Deals For Bloggers

We’re so excited! Here you’ll find some of the best Black Friday 2018 Deals for Bloggers. We’ll have a special discount on EVERY SINGLE THING in our shop, isn’t that crazy?

If you don’t have a blog already, make sure to be prepared & create one using this 5-minute tutorial.

Click on the boxes below & shop till you drop!

* The SALE ends 27th of November 1AM CST


Here are some handy facts for you:


Yes, all the payments are one-off. You only pay for the theme once and you own the files forever, so you can even use it on your next blog!


You will receive a link to download the files instantly, as soon as your payment is processed. Thus, your blog can be ready in seconds! The setup is super easy too, trust me!


Yes, installation services are absolutely FREE. All you have to do is fill out the form HERE. So handy, right?


All installations are usually completed within 72 hours.  Mostly even sooner! Yep, we’re THAT quick.


All themes are made to be used on BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER & self-hosted WORDPRESS.ORG USERS ONLY. Are you on Read this post then!


If you’re interested in Custom Blog Design services. All designs are usually completed within 2 weeks, depending on how busy we are. Please tweet me to get current start date available. Once you place your order for a Custom Blogger or WordPress Design, I will personally email you the questionnaire and info pack within 24 hours.


What if you don’t have a blog yet? That’s absolutely fine! Setting up your new blog is super easy, just this tutorial HERE. Or you can simply use our Black Friday Deal this weekend & then get back to me for Installation services/advice whenever you have your blog ready.

You can always contact me if you have any more questions, friend! I will get back to you asap!