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Blogging 101: Which Comments Platform To Use On WordPress


Today, I’m going to share some of the 3 most popular ways to manage your comments on WordPress & I really hope this will help you pick the best platform.

Default WordPress Comments

This already comes with any of the themes on WordPress and is probably used by so many bloggers out there. There are, in fact, some pros and cons of using this.

• absolutely free to use
• don’t need to create a separate account on a 3d party platform
• don’t need to install any plugins/add-ons

lack of design capabilities
• not really sophisticated
• hard to control spam

All in all, default WordPress comments is great for the beginning, however, as you keep growing your blog you might want to consider using a more advanced program for your comments.

Jetpack Comments

Jetpack is a hugely popular all-in-one WordPress plugin that usually comes with your WordPress installation. It brings a lot of functionality to your blog, but for today we’ll only focus on its commenting system.

• free to use
• you can use your social media to comment or just your e-mail
• users can get notified of any new reply within the comment thread
• very easy to set up

• it can slow down your website
• spam is still a huge issue with this plugin

To sum up, Jetpack is a great plugin if you’re going to use it for more than just comments. You can see a full list of what it includes over here.


Disqus is one of the most popular discussing systems out there. Let me tell you why people love it so much.

Free to use
Looks great on any website
Easy to avoid spam
• Sets itself up
• Visitors on another website can view the profile of a commentator to see all the other comments they’ve made on other blogs which help new readers to find your blog

You need to be logged in in order to comment

I absolutely love Disqus and have been using it for years on my personal blog & have no regrets! If you’re looking for a safe, easy to use comment platform- Disqus is the one for you!

Let me know which one did you choose to use on your own blog, I’d love to know!


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