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How to create a blog for FREE on Blogger: Step-by-Step Tutorial


The easiest (and cheapest) way of starting your blog is definitely creating one on, in this post I’m going to teach you how to create an account & launch your blog today!


1. Go to

2. Sign in using your Google Account (or click on ‘Get Started’ to create one)

3. Enter a ‘Display Name’ + click ‘Continue’

4. Click ‘ Create Your Blog Now ‘

5. Select a Blog Title + URL

6. Choose a starter template. You can change it to Professional Theme later on.

THAT’S ALL! You can now go ahead & start posting, create pages & build you content!


  1. Amit Kumar 03/01/2018

    nice article, very simple and step by step guide… lol

  2. Really great blog, it’s very helpful and has great knowledgeable information.

  3. hyperion Training 23/10/2018

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  4. SACHKARO 25/11/2018

    Excellent post it’s very helpful

    Thanks for sharing this information.

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