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How to Start a Blog & Make Money


Yep, you can still do it. Just start on the right track & be ready to work hard. Let me teach you a thing or two about starting & monetising your first blog.1. If you want to really monetise your blog, I would suggest starting your blog on a self-hosted platform. This way, you will get your own web hosting + custom domain which is a must for any professional blogger.

2. Don’t forget to look professional. Getting your blog designed is the first task you should complete before looking for potential clients or partners. Make sure to take care of your Blogger Template or WordPress theme as well as brand your blog through getting one of these branding packages.

3. You need to determine your niche if you want to monetize your blog, so go ahead & make a list of all the topics you feel passionate about. Then, only leave the ones you definitely have expertise in. Your goal is to be left with one main topic + no more than 2-3 subtopics that can compliment your main area of blogging. Make sure to stick to your main niche throughout your blogging journey. More on this here →

4. Making money from your blog doesn’t necessarily have to be as obvious as selling ad spaces. These days, you can be more successful if you create your own product or brand and use your blog for advertising your own services. Read more on how I make money blogging here →

5. Build your online following. I absolutely love Instagram. Growing your audience on there is extremely beneficial for your blog business. Read how I get traffic from Instagram here →

6. Blog scheduling is the secret to your success! You can really take a huge step forward by planning your time right with these tools 

7. Now it’s the time to start planning your blog posts! Find blog post topics ideas here 

8. Get help! I’ve been helping other bloggers build & maintain successful blogs for over 4 years. By now, I have a strong idea about what works on a blog and what doesn’t. Let me save your valuable time & guide you to the right track. Work with me 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave a link to your new blog in the comments! 


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