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Must-Have Blogging Equipment


Here are some things you should definitely invest into if you’re trying to grow your blog.

1. Secure web hosting

Seriously, great web hosting services can make such a huge improvement on your blog. Check out Siteground for the best offers out there.

2. Custom domain name

Using doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a “” website address. You can easily use a custom domain such as “” and I am going to show you how exactly you can do this! Follow this tutorial for instructions.

3. Blog design template for Blogger or WordPress

You won’t get far if you’re not taking your image seriously. Make sure to invest into a modern blog design. We have plenty of those to choose from for Blogger or WordPress. Free installation included, btw!

4. A handy planner

Making lists for your blog & online business can be live changing. Seriously, just get a new planner and start writing your ideas down!

5. Laptop

Surprise, surprise, but laptop is a must for any blogger out there. Sure, you can still blog on your phone, but it just won’t be the same. You don’t have to get the most expensive laptop out there tho, a basic pc or mac would do just fine!

6. Phone

Phone is a must for managing your social media & taking pictures on the go. You can also use it instead of a camera for a while!

7. DSLR Camera

I personally use Canon 6d for all of my blogging work & I couldn’t be happier. Great photography is a must for any successful blogger out there.

Let me know if you agree with this list or if there’s anything missing!


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