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How to Create a Self-Hosted blog in 5 minutes?

How to Create a Self-Hosted blog in 5 minutes?

Starting a Self-Hosted blog might seem like a hustle, but in reality, it’s only going to take you a few minutes to set up if you follow this tutorial.How to Create a Self-Hosted blog in 5 minutes?

Let’s Go!

I always, always recommend Siteground to my customers. Their live chat available 24/7 which is always so useful for a newbie blogger or anyone starting their business on the web. The longest time I ever had to wait for their team member to reply was under 3 minutes & that’s pretty impressive, right?

I trust them truly with my own blog and website & that means  A LOT. It’s my full-time business after all!

Step 1: Get a Hosting Package

(The following images are screenshots I’ve taken from Siteground so you know what to do. Open up Siteground in a new window and follow along.)

StartUp plan is probably one of the most popular plans they offer. You get a very great package for a very low price, perfect for your first blog!

GrowBig plan will allow you to host multiple websites, includes a free SSL Wildcard for 1 year, 3-level SuperCacher, which aids loading time tremendously, as well customer support with priority which is a great feature for new website owners who need assistance.

I personally use GoGeek plan which I love as you get all of the above features + even more space, fewer accounts on the server, 1-click WP staging, pre-installed git, PCI compliance, etc.


Choose which plan fits your needs best according to the number of blogs you’re planning to have page views etc. Just go ahead and click on GET STARTED button to be taken to a new window.

Step 2: Choose a domain name.

Scroll down and you will get an option to choose a domain name you’d like to use:

starting blog on siteground

Step 3: Choose your payment.

You can choose monthly payments if you’re not in a place to pay upfront, but you actually save quite a lot of money if you decide to pay for at least 12 months in advance & even better deals if you sign up for 24 or 36 months. Oh, and the best thing is- you don’t have to worry about monthly bills this way!

starting blog on siteground

Step 4: Complete your order.

Choose if you want to get any additional services. However, you can always get back for all of these add ons once you start blogging, so don’t worry if you can’t decide just yet! Choose to PAY NOW and continue to the next step to fill out your payment deets & complete the order.

Step 5: Install!

Once your order is processed, login to your Siteground account and go to Cpanel. Scroll down to find Softaculous Apps Installer section. You will see WordPress icon there too, just click on WordPress Installer and it will take you to an installation page. On the next window, make sure to select the domain name which you’d like to use for your blog:

starting blog on siteground, 5 minutes self hosted wordpressScreen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-01.32.57
Fill up the rest of the tabs with your blog title/subtitle/your admin name/password and then just select INSTALL.

Here it is, your WordPress blog is now live and ready for you to start using straight away!
That was quick, huh? I told you!

Hope you guys found this post useful! I’m always very happy to answer your questions, so feel free to leave a comment with anything you need!


  1. mailoha albaladejo June 7, 2016

    hi! the screenshots aren’t showing up for me in google chrome or in safari. do you know why that is?

  2. Author
    kotrynabass June 10, 2016

    Thanks fo letting me know, Mailoha! Images should be visible now!

  3. mailoha albaladejo June 12, 2016

    I opted out of Domain Privacy protection ($24/yr) and the HackAlert Monitoring ($12/yr). Do you recommend those services? Are those services that you now use?

  4. Author
    kotrynabass July 15, 2016

    Dear Mailha, it’s always a great idea to get some extra protection, but it’s not necessary at first.

  5. Adele Bantle August 24, 2016

    Dear Kothryn,

    I have a WordPress site hosted by Hostgator. Can I follow your instructions and transfer my Blogger blog to this without using Siteground?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Adele Banlte

  6. Create A Blog September 22, 2016

    Very good info…I love your screenshots. Very easy to sink my teeth into (sort of speak).

  7. Kelli Tennant November 12, 2016

    Kotryna– you are amazing. Thank you. I registered on Siteground, etc. but now when I go to login at cpanel, do I use the same username and password from siteground? Thank you 🙂

  8. Amanda November 9, 2017

    Hey there!

    So I started my youtube and Instagram with just my full name. At the time I could not choose a name that worked for my niche and I wanted to leave it open to add new subjects incase I wanted to change in the future. Now I am feeling like when my site becomes more successful, I do want want my first and last name and information to be out there for anyone to see. What do you recommend, and do you have any tips about how to come up with a new name?

  9. Author
    kotrynabass November 12, 2017

    Hey there! I actually started my own blog as in the early beginning and this never stopped me from growing my blog or online presence. I would say if you are thinking of changing your domain with your actual name in the future- just go for it now and build your own, personal brand! xx

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